Baby Dedication Final Updates:


By now you should have completed all of your homework assignments. We are on the home stretch. PLEASE watch this short video that explains what our Sunday morning celebration event is going to be like. 

IF you attended the Pre-Event Meeting with Matt you can skip this video. 

We have a time of prayer planned. Many of you have already spoken to people about praying for you and your child at this event. (If you don't know what we are talking about be sure to watch the above video.) We've created a short video that you can have those special people watch. This video will help answer all of their questions. We recommend you send them a text/email using the invite graphic to the right and include the link:

We are aware that some of our families may not have someone they feel would be comfortable praying for them. Its perfectly fine if that's the case. We will have NSPIRE leaders there who are more than willing to pray for you! If that is the case please let us know so we can be sure no one is left out. We also would like you to send us a picture of your baby and their name as you desire it to be displayed on the screen. We plan to show these during service. You can email those pics to us. Please look at the final checklist below to be sure we have all of our bases covered for your child.

We are excited about this Baby Dedication Sunday! See you there!! 


Digital Invite Image

Final Checklist:

  • Watch the video to be sure you know what the celebration sunday is all about!

  • Invite someone or some people to pray over you during Sunday Celebration or tell Matt you need someone to pray.

  • Send link to people who you've invited to pray

  • Email pic of baby and correct spelling of baby's name to